BBC Young Musician of the Year … but then what next?

Have a listen to this Youtube clip of a 15 year old Martin Bartlett playing the Sonata in F Sharp Major by Scarlatti, or a 16 year old Lara Melda playing Chopin’s Etude in C sharp minor. They both attained the dizzying (although it must also be said shockingly under reported by the media) prize of appearing in the BBC Young Musician finals, in 2012 and 2010 respectively. The competition attracts the world’s finest players, best in their world in their class, if no doubt heavily ‘hot housed’ and mostly used to an atmosphere of privileged tuition.

So what do you do after achieving this rarified level of attainment? Well, head into the arms of waiting agents and a nice comfortable career in club class, might be one of the standard answers.

So let’s hear it for Lara and Martin, and fellow musicians Harry and Tatiana Gilfillan, when they head on to the rather more economy stage of  St. James’s Piccadilly in the middle of London, UK on 10 July for a concert supporting  Street Child World Cup. Street Child World Cup campaigns globally for street children to receive the protection and opportunities that most of us as children were able to simply take for granted. Through football, art and an international conference their aim is to challenge the negative perceptions and treatment of street children. The concert will be focusing on the run up to 2014 and the World Cup in Brazil, when thanks to Street Wide World Cup, children from up to 20 countries will be brought together in Brazil, drawing from a network of projects all campaigning for the rights of street children. The idea is simple: ensure that street childrens’ voices are heard and that for a change they also can be a part of an international festival of football. The concert on 10 July is amongst a number of international football and arts-based events building towards and beyond the momentum of Brazil 2014.

The negative aspects of Brazil’s run up to the 2014 world cup has been well on show to the world in the last few weeks. Here however is something positive to hear about it.



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