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All blogs are now listed below as links under either SISTEMA WRITING or NON SISTEMA WRITING. Some blogs appear in more than one category. You can also access blogs by clicking on underlined dates from the calendar on the right. Comments and suggestions about  this listing welcome; please use the ‘Leave a Reply’ box at the foot of this page or e mail the Chameleon Box. .


1. Sistema Comment

2. Sistema News Reports

3. Sistema Articles, Reviews, Interviews, Talks, Jobs


1. Music comment

2. Music news reports

3. Politics & Society

4. Misc. articles, reviews, interviews, talks


4 thoughts on “New Blog Archive

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  2. Clark Bryan

    Dear Marshall, I would like to sign up for SERA database but your email address isn’t complete on the site. Can you please send this to me? My name is Clark Bryan and I am the founder and executive director of El Sistema Aeolian.

  3. Marshall Marcus Post author

    Happy to put you on to SERA. Which e mail address on the site is not complete? (No one else has yet said that). Have you read the SERA information on the site (under the main Sistema menu tab): Do you have a gmail account? do you want read only or editing access? do you have access to Google Drive? best Marshall

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