FROM SphinxCon 2016:

Please find below a Powerpoint presentation planned as part  of the SphinxCon rountable ‘Across the Pond’ for 6 February 2016.

sphinx-presentation-marshall-marcus-feb-16 v2

FROM SphinxCon 2013:

Please find below a Powerpoint presentation of the talk El Sistema: Lessons in Diversity & Globalisation given in Detroit Michigan, USA on Saturday 16 February 2013 as part of Sphinx’s Inaugural Convening on Diversity in the Performing Arts . The talk was presented as part of a major exploration by the Sphinx Organisation, held between 15th and 17th February 2013, into how the agenda for diversity in the performing arts can be taken forward, bringing together many practitioners in the field. See the Sphinxcon link above for full details.

Sphinx Presentation Marshall Marcus Feb 13

Below you can see images of suggested Characteristics and Program for a Diversity Network made by the conference delegates during the talk:



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