South West Peninsula Music Conference 2014

Slides from the 7 March 2014 Presentation:

The Holy Grail of sustainable partnerships in today’s music education world:

How do we get there?

can be found by clicking on the link below:

South West Peninsula 2014

In today’s cash-strapped economy the new Music Hubs have to make reduced funding go further by constructing successful sustainable partnerships at local level. If ever there was a case of ‘easier said than done’, then this task is it. What can be offered to this underpaid and overworked sector at such a critical moment, in order to help it overcome significant hurdles and reach the Holy Grail and promised land of sustainable partnerships in today’s music education world? In this Keynote speech, Marshall Marcus explores this question with reference to social action music education work in a number of different countries, and looks in particular at how the values, programme principles and methodology of Venezuela’s El Sistema – and its English and European counterparts such as In Harmony, Sistema Norwich, and the Nucleo Project – can help solve the apparently unsolvable.



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